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FreeCell Solitaire Overview

Welcome to the Best of FreeCell Solitaire! Unlike most classic solitaire games, FreeCell Solitaire deals you the cards face up, with a solution for nearly every deal possible! Keep reading for some helpful information on how to have success on the FreeCell Solitaire green felt!

How to Play FreeCell Solitaire

New to FreeCell Solitaire? Fear not — you can learn the rules here and before you know it, you'll be playing FreeCell Solitaire 24/7!
The objective of FreeCell Solitiare is to move all the cards from the dealt section to the foundations at the top of your screen. Be sure to start these piles with the aces of each suit! Then, build them up in sequential order and, in FreeCell Solitaire, you can also move the cards back from the foundations if you need. Your FreeCell Solitaire cards can also be moved between columns so long as they alternate in color and run from highest to lowest.
Why is it called FreeCell Solitaire, you may be asking? Well, that is thanks to the four free cells at the top left of the page which allow you to place any card on them. The cards placed here can then be moved to an appropriate area, but the use of the free cells is critical to discovering new cards and moving existing ones. Your FreeCell Solitaire score will improve based upon the time you take to complete the game and the number of moves you use.

Fun Facts about FreeCell Solitaire

  • Approximately 85% of FreeCell Solitaire card games can be won; that's a 35% better success rate than any other Solitaire game.
  • FreeCell Solitaire is believed to have originated from the game Eight Off, a game in the patience family.
  • Did you know Paul Alfille built the first FreeCell Solitaire card games in 1978 on the PLATOR education computer system?
So without further ado, start solving games on the virtual FreeCell Solitaire green felt!
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